TF03 LiDAR(Long-range distance sensor) - 180m range

TF03 LiDAR(Long-range distance sensor) - 180m range

Benewake AD2-S-X3  3D Lidar

Benewake AD2-S-X3 3D Lidar

TF-Luna 8m low cost distance sensor

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Product Description 

TF-Luna LiDAR offers stable, accurate range measurement via TOF technology. This single-point LiDAR range sensor highlights adapted algorithms and adjustable configurations to ensure accurate distance sensing performance in diverse environments.

TF Luna LiDAR range finder represents a perfect combination of affordability, performance, and stability. It offers a range of 0.2m-8m, an impressive resolution of 1cm, and ±6cm@(0.2m-3m) accuracy, ensuring precise and sensitive distance sensing with a very competitive cost.

The TF Luna LiDAR has built-in adaptive algorithms, allowing it to modify itself based on the environments and targets. It also provides users the option to adjust the mode parameters according to their specific needs. The flexibility of this LiDAR range sensor ensures that TF Luna can meet and exceed our customers' needs across complex application scenarios.


Technical Specifications

Model 8M Low Cost
Operating Range 8m
Distance Resolution 1cm
Power Consumption ≤0.35W
Frame Rate 1-250Hz
Weight <=5g
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