YDLIDAR OS30A Depth Camera

YDLIDAR OS30A Depth Camera

Benewake AD2-S-X3 3D Lidar

Benewake AD2-S-X3 3D Lidar
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Product Description 

AD2-S-X3 LiDAR is a high-performance LiDAR independently developed by Benewake. It has an equivalent 256 lines and a maximum ultra-high resolution of 0.1*0.1", which enables it to achieve high-definition target detection capability in the entire field of view (120°*25.6") and accurately detect various targets. And the LiDAR adopts 905nm active light source perception with the ability to sense at all times. It has extremely strong environmental adaptability, unaffected by severe cold and heat. It can be widely used in intelligent transportation scenarios such as highways, railways, civil aviation, water transportation, and mining trucks.

Technical Specifications

AD2-S-X3High-performance 3D 256 Lines LiDAR

  1. capable of capturing richer scene details, providing higher safety redundancy
  2. ≥350m+ target detection and tracking, advanced perception
  3. reducing the false detection/missed detection rate in the perception environment
  4. achieving a wide range of target detection, tracking, and improved safety performance
  5. the area is dynamically adjustable, which can effectively improve the detection accuracy of target area
  6. can be operated 24-hours a day, not affected by external lighting conditions
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