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Grove - XBee Carrier SKU

Grove - XBee Carrier SKU
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Product Description 

XBee Carrier is a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) base board designed for Bee series and groves. It is primarily suitable for standalone Bee Nodes like RFBeeWifi Bee which have ATMega328 onboard. It is compatible with RFBee, Wifi Bee , XBee and Bluetooth Bee. Besides a Bee receptacle, there are also two Grove connectors. The board cab be powered by a lithium battery or through USB cable. You can use a Wireless charger, Solar Panel or the USB cable to charge the battery. The FT232RL chip onboard helps in downloading the program to Bee Module directly.

Bees which do not have ATMega328 like Bluetooth Bee can only be configured by using on-board FT232RL(USB to UART). Theses Bees are not suitable for standalone applications.

The on-board FT232RL can be used like any other 3.3V USB to UART interface when not connected to any Bee Modules. This is useful for programming a 3.3V MCU through Serial Port.



  • Bees compatible receptacle

  • Two grove connector - one for I2C and other for D6,D5

  • Two grove place holders

  • On-Board Charge Controller CN3063

  • On-Board 3.3V LDO Lownoise Micropower Regulator - RT9167A_33PB

  • On-board FT232RL UBS-UART IC

  • LEDs for PWR, charge indication and UART transmission.

  • Power switch

  • Reset button

  • 2.0mm pitch JST connector for Battery and Charger.


Technical Specifications

Model XBee carrier
Dimensions 130mm x90mm x10.5mm
Weight G.W 20g
Battery Exclude
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