TF02 LiDAR(Mid-range distance sensor)

TF02 LiDAR(Mid-range distance sensor)

TFmini Plus LiDAR module

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Product Description 

TFmini Plus, based on TFmini, is a single-point short-range LiDAR sensor. Inherited characters of low cost, small size and low power consumption from TFmini, TFmini Plus has greatly improved its performance — increasing the measurement frequency, reducing blind zone, improving accuracy and stability. Meanwhile, TFmini Plus introduces IP65 enclosures and optimizes various compensation algorithms, which has greatly expanded its application fields and scenarios.


Technical Specifications

Model TFmini Plus LiDAR
Operating Range 0.1-12m
Frame Rate 1Hz-1000Hz
Operation Temperature -20°-60°
Communication Interface UART, I²C, I/O
Accuracy ±1%
FOV 3.6°
Weight 11g
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