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YDLidar HP60C Depth Camera

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Product Description 

YDLIDAR HP60C (hereinafter referred to as HP60C) original deep camera uses structured light 3D imaging technology to obtain deep images, which meets different human-computer interaction functions such as robot navigation, obstacle avoidance, depth information modeling, gesture control, human body scanning and motion capture. The built-in HD RGB camera meets the needs of texture mapping, object recognition, video surveillance and other applications.

HP60C original deep camera is compact, USB 2.0 standard output interface, easy to integrate, providing flexibility for system integrators, can be adapted to indoor complex environments such as strong light and weak light.


Technical Specifications

  Model YDLidar HP60C Depth Camera
Product size 89.8*19.0*25.0
Power dissipation < 2
Joggle Type C USB 2.0
Operating distance 0.2~4 (within 2m)
Working temperature -10~50
Storage temperature -30~80
Working humidity 0~90
Power supply mode USB
Vbus 4.75~5.25
Deep precision Plane accuracy <2@1m
Filling rate (middle
81% area)
> 99.5%@1m
Deep image Resolution / frame rate 640×480@20fps(Max)
Fov 73.8×58.8×86.4 (H*V*D)
Transfer image format RAW16
RGB picture Resolution / Frame rate 1920×1080@20fps (Max)
640×360@20fps, 640×480@20fps
Fov 80.9×51.7×88.9 (H*V*D)
Transfer image format RGB888
After depth map
and RGB map
depth map FOV
RGB resolution
640*360 condition
73.8×51.7 (H*V)
RGB resolution at the
640*480 condition
64.4×51.7 (H*V)

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