Heat sink for AVerMedia Carrier Board (AG411)

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Product Description 

Aluminum heatsink for the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Module is an essential piece of equipment for keeping the AGX module cool, improving both computing performance and reliability under heavy workloads to realize its true potential, Jetson AGX is a powerful piece of computing hardware, even basic tasks become slow and difficult without effective heat dissipation, let alone running high-performance applications for prolonged periods of time.

Features :- 
Sightly bigger fan design comparing to the orignialAGX Heatsink
Fully compatible with NVIDIA JetsonAGX Module
Essential for high-performance computing: Keeps module temperatures low to avoid overheating and throttling
Effective thermal management: Full Aluminum heatsink with fan
Easy to install: Mounting bracket & screws included


Technical Specifications

Model Heatsink for AGX
Dimensions 98mm X 95mm X 25mm


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