grove piezo vibration sensor

grove piezo vibration sensor

Grove - Speaker

Grove - Speaker

Grove - Bee Socket

Grove - Bee Socket
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Product Description 

Grove - Bee Socket is an adaptor of Xbee serials which can connect wireless modules with Arduino, such as WIFI Bee, RF Bee, Bluetooth Bee, etc. It is Arduino compatible and more effective to conduct peer-to-peer operations and mesh network runned by wireless modules. Regulator CJT1117 guareteens Xbee of stable 3.3 voltages. LEDs can reflect working modes of the Grove modules clearly.

Grove-Bee Socket has similar functions to XBee Shield. Grove-Bee Socket and Arduino are connected by cables, and XBee Shield is a standard adapter that can plug to Arduino.



  • Standard Bee Socket and Grove Interface

  • Onboard 3.3V regulator to power your XBee

  • Level Shifting circuit

  • Reset Button for Bee modules

  • LEDs for Bee operations


Technical Specifications

Model Bee Socket
Dimensions 130mm x90mm x11mm
Weight G.W 13g
Battery Exclude
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