Banana Pi BPI-R3 Mini Router board

Banana Pi BPI-R3 Mini Router board

Banana Pi - M6

Banana Pi - M6

Banana Pi WiFi - 6

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Product Description 

Banana Pi BPI-Wifi6 Router design with Triductor TR6560 + TR5220 wifi SOC, it is a standard wifi6 router solution. Built-in high-performance dual-core ARM Cortec A9 processor for WIFI message forwarding or intelligent business processing, built-in high-performance LSW and hardware NAT, supporting up to 5Gbps message forwarding,Integrated 5GE PHY, one RGMII,Supports one RGMII expansion port, provides 1000Mbps network access capability, and supports two WAN ports. Support hardware intelligent QoS. Support dual-band 2.4G 40M 2*2 +5G160M2.2 DBDC WIFI,Wifi protocol version support to IEEE 802.11ax, backward compatible 802.11a /b/g/n/ac, can support the highest rate of 3Gbps, 2G will reach 573.5Mbps, while 5G will reach 2401.9Mbps, support PoE interface ,add PoE module to support PoE function.


Key Features:

  • Dual core ARM cortec A9 1.2G Hz
  • Supports 6 GE MACs,1000M/100M/10M rate mode and standard MIB statistics
  • Supports IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax wireless LAN communication protocol
  • Support Wifi AP mode and STA mode
  • Support WPA,WPA2, WPA3 encryption and decryption, pay Chinese WAPI standard
  • PoE function support

Hardware interface:

Appearance design:

This board support customized service. You can quickly produce your own wifi6 router products. And develop your own software on it

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