About Tanna TechBiz L. L. P.

Tanna TechBiz


Who we are? 

Tanna TechBiz is the leading educational instituteWe are specialized in the field of Embedded Systems, VLSI and Database Management. We are overwhelmed with highly trained staff with many years of experience working in multinational companies. We offer variety of teaching and training programs to help engineers sharpen their skills and broaden their knowledge. Please go to our "Services" section for detailed information about our various Tech services.

We also sale a wide variety of Embedded Mirco-controller and FPGA based kits. Please go to our "Products" section for more information. 

Our main branch is located in the heart of the city of Rajkot which is one of fastest developing educational and industrial center in Gujarat. We have another branch in Santa Clara, CA, USA which is a hub of world-wide semiconductor and software development known as Silicon Valley.

Value and Purpose.

Our prime goal is to evoke Trust among our clients and educational fraternity through the manner in which we render our services. We are invested in satisfying our beneficiary’s requisite needs in terms of Reliability and Novelty. To attain the global recognition by unraveling individual’s innovative thinking in the era of electronics is our sole purpose.


Our vision is to enlighten the mankind with a novel idea in this applied science by directing them to this luminous and relentless source of knowledge. This we aim at achieving by putting out our perception and reasoning and employing the current and modified technical know-how in the directed field.


Why we Care?

We are interested in putting out the best of each mind and thus get them acquainted with as well as be confident of, their latent potential to bring out the global change in the field of engineering science. Our focus at prioritizing our student’s needs and provide them most technical-friendly environment. We help our youth exploring untouched or altered technical skill in this discipline. Hence introduce the world to the new launching in this era.

Our Key values towards our customer and knowledge seeking individual area 

1) Responsibility by means of what goes back and thus been ingested.

2) Integrity In terms of honesty and perspicuity.

3) Excellence by means of endeavor to achieve a high-pitched level.

4) Perspicacity by keeping with the global pace for customer advantage.

To all of you, from all of us at Tanna TechBiz L. L. P.  - Thank you and Happy eCommerce!

Rahul Tanna